An old man goes to his bank and presents a cheque for Rs.1000/- to the cashier, a young girl.

Cashier: Sir, you should withdraw such small amounts from the ATM outside. Don’t waste a cheque’s leaf and my time.

Old man: What’s the problem with giving me Rs.1000/- cash?

Cashier: Sorry sir, it cannot be done. You either go to the ATM, or increase the amount to be withdrawn.

Old man: Okay, I want to withdraw the entire amount from my account, keeping the minimum mandatory balance in it.

The cashier checks his account balance and finds it to be over Rs 80 lakhs! She says_ “we don’t have that much cash in the safe right now. But if you give me a cheque for Rs 80 lakhs, we can arrange the cash tomorrow”.

Old man: How much can you give me right now?

Cashier: (checks the bank’s cash balance) sir, I can give you Rs.10 lakhs straight away.

The old man tears off the earlier cheque of Rs.1000/-, writes a new one for Rs.10 lakhs and hands it to the cashier.
While the young girl is gone to the vault to get the cash, the old man grabs a cash deposit slip from the public shelf and fills it up.
The young girl returns with the cash, meticulously counts out Rs.10 lakhs, gives it to the old man and says – “there you are, sir. Now you will have to carry this pile home on your own. But count your money before leaving the counter. I won’t entertain any complaint later.”
The old man picks out two notes of Rs 500/- from the pile, puts them in his purse and says
“I trust you, beta, I don’t need to count. Now, here’s a cash deposit slip. Please deposit Rs 9,99,000/-  back into my account and give me the stamped and signed counterfoil. And yes, count the cash in my presence.”
Moral of the story:
Don’t underestimate the wisdom of senior citizens, especially if they are retired!

(courtesy of social media)